A New York City That Works For ALL Of Us. Empowering Through Technology. Quanda Francis For NYC Mayor.

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Meet Quanda Francis, Next Mayor of New York City

Quanda S. Francis is a visionary leader and the candidate of the future. She intends to ensure New York City becomes the most advanced digital city in the world.


Revolutionize K-12 education and utilize Machine Learning Recommendation systems that can be designed to offer each New York City public school student a Personalized Education Plan (PEP).


Invest in the social impact projects such as the construction of state-of-the-art recreational facilities.


We will train and employ New Yorkers who are willing, able and ready to work and have meaningful measures to access their willingness, ability and readiness.

Quanda Francis is the 'ONE' for 2021!

Help Build A New York City That Works for Everyone!

Together we can rebuild our wonderful city to serve EVERYONE.

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Modern Education Agenda

Revolutionizing NYC’s antiquated Education System will unlock the vast potential of our population to invent, innovate and excel.

Machine Learning

Utilizing the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence or “Machine Learning”) will allow untapped talent and abilities to be able to be found, fed and nurtured.

Personalized Education Plan

PEPs (Personalized Education Plans)  offer a measurable and scalable approach to improving educational outcomes for all NYC students.

Early Skill Identification

Identifying our children’s skills and aptitudes early allows us to provide them with the resources they need to nurture those abilities.

New Yorkers


we are ready for change


A Whole New
Set of Challenges

For us to survive and thrive through the challenges ahead, we need a mission that unites us all: I want New York City to be a place where everyone has a fair chance, where opportunity abounds, and our behaviors towards one another reflect compassion and benevolence. However, I can not do it without you. my fellow candidates are fueled by large donations from the rich and powerful. My campaign is fueled by determination, cooperation, and perseverance and It is time for the people to have a voice and a choice.

Quanda Francis,


Machine Learning Recommendation Systems

To truly grow the talents of our youth, we should use all the powerful tools at our disposal. Artificial Intelligence can recognize specific skillsets and gifts in students, and cater their education to help those unique talents flourish.

Quanda’s professional career as a Data Scientist has given her the solid foundation to harness and empower the potentials of Machine Learning for all NYC students, of all ages.



What if your next Mayor looked like you, was from where you were from and impacted by the same issues as you? What if she faced the same adversities as you and rose from the same concrete that often times disables us all? What if your next Mayor made you and your community the priority you deserved to be? Help me get out the word to our own heard because the agenda being pushed by the establishment in NOT designed for our betterment. Quanda Francis is the people's candidate. She is the next Mayor of NYC!

Princess Yasmin Martin
Brooklyn Activist


If @QuandaFrancis was Mayor of NYC - I'm pretty sure that I would not have to do a petition in order for her to address the needs of our city's children with disabilities. Thank you for signing in favor of a proactive plan to help our kids.

Rachel Ward
Parent Advocate

Quanda Francis Is The “ONE” In 2021!

we are ready for change