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Quanda S. Francis is a visionary leader and former Candidate for New York State Comptroller and Mayor of New York City. She was recently elected to serve on the county committee and represent New York’s 52nd Assembly District (Brooklyn Heights).

She was born, raised, and educated in New York, earning an undergraduate degree (NYU), MBA, and started her Ph.D. studies here, in the state of New York as well. She is affiliated with the PhD Project, the American Accounting Association, the National Museum of African American History & Culture, and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

She has the distinct honor of being internationally recognized as 1 of 10 of the Most Inspiring Women in Business in the World to Watch in 2022 and she was also named Global Women in Banking and Finance’s 2020 & 2021 (Africa) Global Community Development Honoree.

However, Quanda has never had it easy.  At 17, she found herself at the threshold of motherhood. For a young woman, whose family lived at a housing development and moved due to gun violence, this was not a moment to rejoice. She had to leave her high school, was a victim of domestic violence and her future, was very depressing. However, she was determined to not be a victim of her circumstances and she never let her hardships define her. In fact, she often speaks about how these challenges served to inspire her and give her purpose and direction.

Discouraged by recent events and the inaction of career politicians, Quanda entered the race for New York’s 10th Congressional district.

She is running to represent New York’s 10th congressional district because New York is suffering from a leadership deficit, and it is time to send a new voice to congress   who will fight to mitigate the effects of decades of failed policies and broken promises.

Today’s great-power conflicts are struggles between larger systems rooted in oppression. The effects of policy violence that places or keeps people in conditions of poverty through the structural withholding of resources and opportunities have become more visible. Make no mistake, we are living in a time of great Ideological division. The spotlight is on our congressional district. We have an opportunity to lead and elect a candidate that is unafraid to disrupt the group of “No haste, no hurry, no waste, no worry—style of Democratic leadership that has led to inaction and an unwillingness to abolish the filibuster. I am running as a true representative of the people. I am a daughter of New York, and your struggles are my struggles and in these extraordinary times, we must elect an extraordinary candidate to meet this moment

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