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Quanda S. Francis is a visionary leader, change agent, native New Yorker, Mom, Wife and first-generation college graduate who was born and raised in a housing development in Brooklyn, NY.

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Quanda S. Francis is a 2021 candidate for Mayor of New York City and she is running in the New York City Citywide (November 2, 2021) general election. Quanda became the first African American and Black woman in history to qualify and appear on the ballot as a New York City Mayoral candidate in a New York City general election. She is a visionary leader, change agent, native New Yorker, mother of three, wife and first-generation college graduate.

Quanda earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from New York University, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Long Island University and she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Science from Long Island University.  She is currently an Accountant, Data Scientist, and the President of Sykes Capital Management, a cutting-edge FinTech firm that is based in New York City.

But Life was not always this way for Quanda! She dropped out of high school and was pregnant with her first child, all by the age of 17-years old. She was a victim of domestic violence and had to overcome tremendous adversity. And she did, and NOW she is running for Mayor!

She believes we need new leadership in City Hall that serves, not dictates, that consolidates, not separates and lastly, leadership that understands the importance of implementing data driven public policies.

Her platform encompasses this notion:

8.5 million residents, 5 boroughs and 1 mission, to build a New York City that works for everyone!

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