Community Development Plan

Communities where we do not invest will create populations that reflect the neglect they were shown.


Bringing Communities Together 

A Francis Administration would engage several business sectors in New York City to encourage them to invest in building state of the art recreation centers to serve as reconnection hubs, equipped with pools, basketball courts, mental health counseling, technology and entrepreneurial centers. Establish and implement fully funded comprehensive plans that identify and adequately address the needs of New York City’s at-risk 18-24 year-olds.




Communities are hurting because they are being left behind. To bring these populations back it has to be a targeted effort on multiple fronts. Kids need outlets. Right now, there is NOTHING in certain communities. We need to get back to the basics of investing in our children.”

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Community development is only possible with the participation of the community. Volunteer with us and help us rebuild our neighborhoods, in OUR image.

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