NYC Digitalization Plan

Connectivity is Critical. 


Digitalization Plan NYC-SERV

  • A Francis administration would prioritize digitalization and invest in building an efficient, secure and transparent eco-system in which a minimum of 75% of the city government’s services can be offered online by 2024. 
  • The goal of the fully integrated digitization plan is to revolutionize and offer innovative NYC-SERV services. 
  • Blockchain technology will be utilized for our NYC-SERV systems to ensure data integrity and mitigate internal threats to the data.
  • The “City Back Chatbot” system (NYC-SERV 311) will give short answers and provide links to government sources to learn about COVID-19 with more relevant pandemic information, such as:
    – What are the travel restrictions?
    – Where can I get tested for COVID-19
    – Am I eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination?
    – Where  can I obtain a vaccination appointment to get a Covid-19 vaccine?
    – What are the known side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines? – – How do I connect with the contact tracking notification system? 
  • This will help keep phone lines free and counter the spread of COV-19 misinformation. 

  • Implementing The 311 chatbot NYC-SERV system will allow the city to save millions and allow 311 service representatives to assist with other city related emergencies services such as redirecting calls associated with emergency disturbed individuals. 

The Internet is a Utility, Not a Service. Having reliable internet access, especially now in the time of COVID, is absolutely vital to provide for every resident, especially for those without homes. Connectivity is now a lifeline, in a very literal sense.

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