K-12 Education Plan

Taking Education out of the Dark Ages and into the 21st Century.


Modern Education 

A Francis Administration would revolutionize K-12 education and utilize Machine Learning Recommendation systems that can be designed to offer each New York City public school student a Personalized Education Plan (PEP). The plans would be a measurable and scalable approach to improving educational outcomes for all NYC students.

My digitization education plan aims to implement modern digital technology more efficiently and effectively in learning, teaching, research. For example, it includes ensuring that every student receives the necessary knowledge and skills to access modern digital infrastructure for future use.

A Francis Administration would also employ an Education Agenda that ensures that every student is exposed to coding starting in Elementary school. Why, because Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot exist in a vacuum and it requires humans to develop, deploy, manage, and maintain it.

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We need to set our students up for success. As a mother of three very different children with different learning styles, including a son who is neurologically diverse and classified as a student with a disability, I have personally witnessed how poorly our education system is at identifying and recognizing the differences in student learning styles that can impact overall academic performance.

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