Legislative Priorities



My top legislative priority is K-12 and higher education. How do we prepare students to assume the challenges in a depressed economy? What should be the de-facto competencies (beyond standardized tests) students should possess that will ease their transition from high school to college?” It is important to reexamine the framework outlined in the “Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which was signed into law in December of 2015. We need to set our students up for success and get serious about ensuring the United States has a first-class K-12 21st education system. I have discussed incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into the K-12 education system to identify student learning styles in an effort to improve student academic outcomes. I will also push to develop a nationwide Systemic Special Education Improvement Plan which will enhance key procedural safeguards in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Climate Change

One of the most significant issues and potentially more threatening to our life expectancy than a pandemic or war is climate change.  As the representative for New York’s 10th Congressional district, I would look at areas and instances where residents are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change (e.g., hurricanes, torrential rain, and nor’easters) and develop emergency procedures that are adaptive, cost-efficient, and effective. Additionally, as a former Emergency Management Official that understands the unique vulnerabilities and infrastructure needs of New York #10, I would examine factors that contribute to climate change and develop strategies to minimize their impact. I will also create a commission to examine and address those climate change issues that adversely affect our district; moreover, these entities would provide proactive strategies that could mitigate the damaging effects of climate change. Climate change is connected to various academic disciplines. As a PhD candidate, I would advocate that there be more emphasis in curricula devoted to climate change. Lastly, I would sponsor forums with the preeminent climate change experts that would convene in New York City to discuss climate change awareness, policy, and best practices.

 Workforce Development

The market demands more today and there must be new ways to train the next generation to ensure they have adequate digital skills to contribute to a technologically driven economy. A substantial portion of my platform is dedicated to our youth, many who are foreigners in their own state and country. Their travel is limited to a three to four-mile radius. How can they give their best to a country they do not even know? How can their potential be reached if they are not exposed? How can their potential be reached if they are not given access? How can their potential be reached if they are not heard—if they are ignored—if they’re disregarded? Education is important, and we have a plan. So is employment, and we have a plan. But so is our young people’s safety. So is their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Therefore, nurturance and guidance from elected officials and government; from businesses and agencies; from community-based organizations; and from our educational apparatuses are all duty-bound as a collective to ensure that our young people become intelligent, emotionally balanced, and productive members of our country. Our young people need the following to be “fully” successful: access, exposure, resources, guidance, and opportunity. Access is having channels and pathways that enable you to reach a person, place, thing, or idea. Exposure is being put in a position to see, observe, learn, and/or experience. Exposure also entails being the focal point. Resources are all essential and nonessential items/things, supports, people, etc., utilized to perform/produce. Guidance is the direction needed to keep the endeavor on track by providing suggestions, advice, recommendations, and in some instances directives. Opportunity is simply having “the chance.” I will fight to ensure every single student has a chance to be successful regardless of which zip code they were born and raised in. I will fight to ensure the next generation has the skills they need to contribute to a 21st-century economy. In doing so, we will create replicable systems and the necessary infrastructure needed to maximize the potential of the next generation of leaders in every major city in the United States. 

 I will Fight to Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose

 Congress had the ability to codify Roe v. Wade and decided to do nothing. If elected, I will fight to restore the protections of Roe v. Wade by codifying abortion rights into federal law. The health and life of women are at risk because we have career politicians that chose to do nothing, other than raise money for their campaigns on this issue. 


E-governance & Digitalization

America can become the pioneer and convert public services into flexible e-solutions for our residents. The implementation of government cloud solution can provide an excellent foundation for public e-services and solutions, which can make the United States one of the most advanced digital countries in the world. 

Education & research INFORMATION SYSTEMs

Our digital revolution will aim to implement modern digital technology more efficiently and effectively in learning, teaching, research and to improve the digital skills of the entire nation. For example, it will ensure that every student receives the necessary knowledge and skills to access modern digital infrastructure for future use.


Implement a nationwide federal system that helps the government better understand the information-seeking behavior of Americans as they navigate an increasing digital environment. 


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