First 100 Days


8.5 Million Residents, 5 Boroughs and 1 Mission,
to Build a New York City that Works for Everyone.

My top priority would be to improve the quality of life of all New York City residents.
I would appoint a Chief Equity Officer that would be tasked with assessing, analyzing, and evaluating historical data derived from various New York City agencies.
I will address the economic inequalities that are correlated with disparities in education, employment opportunities, access to safe and affordable housing, quality of life and access to quality and affordable healthcare.
I will also prioritize digitalization and invest in building an efficient, secure, and transparent eco-system in which a minimum of 75% of the city government’s services can be offered online.
I will work to restore NYC’s robust economy and balance our budget, but not on the backs of our most vulnerable and not at the expense of our business community that is so vital to New York City’s economic ecosystem.   
I would establish a Single-System Strategy for New York City’s disengaged youth population which is currently estimated to be over 250,000.
I would expand the summer youth program and ensure that every applicant that applies for a summer youth employment received a job opportunity.
I will establish a single-online portal to advertise all NYC internship opportunities. 
I will ensure repairs and renovations to all New York City Housing Authority buildings deemed inhabitable.  


The digitalization plan that will integrate, revolutionize and invest in building an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem in which a minimum of 75% of the city’s government sources can be offered online.


Blockchain technology will be utilized for our NYC-Serv systems to ensure data integrity and mitigate internal threats to the data.


Implementing the 311 Chatbot NYC-Serv system will allow the city to save millions and allow 311 service representatives to assist with other city related emergency services such as redirecting calls associated with emergency disturbed individuals.


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