Special Education Plan

Improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities and multi-language learners.


Special Education Goals 

Ensure that all students with disabilities have available to them a free and appropriate public education. 

Ensure that the rights of students with disabilities are protected. 

Ensure educators and parents/guardians are provided the necessary tools for support and technical assistance needed to improve educational outcomes. 

12-Point Plan

  1. Develop a City-Wide Systemic Special Education Improvement Plan.
  2. Develop an adequate system that tracks missed services and provides compensation for those lost services or mandated makeup services.
  3. Develop an adequate Graduation Rates Indicator.
  4. Develop an adequate Drop-Out Rates Indicator.
  5. Develop an adequate assessments Indicator.  
  6. Develop an adequate Suspension/Expulsion Indicator.
  7. Develop an adequate measure to determine the Least Restrictive Environment-School Age Indicator.
  8. Develop an adequate Preschool Outcomes Indicator.
  9. Develop an adequate Parental Involvement Indicator.
  10. Develop an adequate measure to determine to the Disproportionality in Special Education by Race/Ethnicity.
  11. Develop an adequate measure to determine to the Disproportionality in Classification/ Placement by Race/Ethnicity Indicator.
  12. Develop an adequate Post-School Outcomes Indicator.

Adopt the following recommendations outlined in the Protect Special Education NYC & Special Support (PSENYC & SSS) petition that is currently being distributed.

  1. “Prioritize space and staffing for the 66,000 students in self-contained programs (e.g.,12:1:1,8:1:1, 6:1:1) including the 25,000 students in District 75 and 41,000 students in community schools. Prioritize all students in self-contained programs for in-person, 5-day instruction consistently (without alternating weeks)” (PSENYC & SSS).
  2. “Prioritize hiring certified special education teachers to fill staffing gaps” (PSENYC & SSS).
  3. “Clarify and document what is appropriate special education service delivery. School teams need to document when services are not provided due to inappropriate staffing in the PAD (Program Adaptations Document)”. (PSENYC & SSS).
  4. “Allow schools to offer Related Services Agreements (RSA’s), which will allow parents to seek independent providers for services such as speech, OT, or physical therapy, to students who have live instruction for core classes and related services scheduled at the same time” (PSENYC & SSS).
  5. “Create a proactive plan for students with disabilities to catch-up on missed services and partial service delivery. Families need an efficient way to access missed services. This could include offering RSAs/P4s when services do not happen or are partially provided. Skills remediation should be built into future year” (PSENYC & SSS)”.


“We don’t judge a fish by its ability to move on land, but we have that one-size-fits-all approach to education”. 

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